Why You Need Career Awareness:

Woman with career awareness during a phone interview with a potential employer.

How to Professionally Level Up with Career Awareness

What exactly is career awareness?  In short, this is the concept of taking account of all of your measurable skills, what your knowledge base consists of, the next steps you want to take, and your overall experience level.  It is NOT being ignorant of your situation. It’s not letting others make career decisions on your behalf. It is all about taking control of what you can, and utilizing your skills in a purposeful and effective way.

To begin the career awareness process, start by asking yourself a few important questions like:

  • “How do I want to manage my career and goals?”
  • “What are some of my strengths and weaknesses?”
  • “What does my knowledge base consist of?”
  • “How can my overall experience contribute to my long-term success?”

Instead of waiting for a well-deserved promotion at your current job to come your way or letting your time at a company simply run its course, career awareness is actively dictating your own destiny. You have to conduct this necessary self-evaluation.  Think of this as your first step in your official career glow-up.

Career awareness is all about realizing what you actually have to offer.  You may have been at a company for a while now, in a new position that you never held previously.  Odds are that you have learned a lot throughout your recent and not-so-recent experiences, and taking note of these is the first step to recognizing your true worth.

Career Awareness Goes Beyond Educational Requirements

In order to start making active decisions about your career, you must consider your professional attitudes, skillset, and life experiences.  Let’s say you don’t have the necessary education requirements for a particular job posting. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not qualified for the position.  For example, if you have 10 years of experience working in a similarly related field or position, that counts towards you.

Think of the most professionally favorable parts about your personality, expertise, and accomplishments.  It’s important to take all of these factors into consideration when presenting yourself to an employer.  This means polishing up your resume, applying to several more prestigious positions that you now realize you actually are qualified for.

At Career Start, we take your job search process very seriously.  If you are re-entering the workforce, or simply looking for a new position that best fits your updated career needs, we are here to help.  As one of the top staffing agencies in Rochester, NY, we are equipped to be a first-hand resource during your job search. Contact us today for more information and to get started on your professional level up.

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