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Finding a job can be incredibly stressful. Have you ever felt like you hit a wall after applying for dozens of jobs with no response? After weeks and even months of going nowhere, it’s hard to avoid that feeling of despair. Without the guidance of a temporary staffing agency, it can be hard to figure out what to do. The answer? Career Start, a job agency staffing in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and surrounding areas (and expanding). We can turn that search into a speeding bullet train and have you working the day you come in. 

Saves loads of time

Time is precious when in need of a job and Career Start knows that. No need to do google searches or sit on Monster or ZipRecruiter for hours on end. We’ve done all that for you.  

Try it on for size

You can try out a particular position with a company. If you find it suitable and it’s a temp-to-permanent situation, you can accept employment. If not, it’s on to the next venture.

You can say no

Saying no to an opportunity can be intimidating at times. If a job agency offers you a position you’re not absolutely thrilled with, you deal with the recruiter at Career Start, not the company directly. We do the dirty work for you. 

Endless opportunities to learn

When a company hires you for a temporary position, you learn – you learn what you want and don’t want while searching for that ideal permanent position.  

Quick results

Here at Career Start we are able to place many job seekers in a position the same day they come in! If bills are piling up, there’s no other way to go. 

Who do YOU know?

It’s no secret that obtaining a job interview or even just getting a resume looked at sometimes has a lot do with who you know. Not having connections can leave your application at the bottom of the pile. Career Start provides the perfect way to develop long-term relationships in your field. Anyone you meet at our agency can be the “who you know” at a company. 

Get the inside scoop

Some employers will only hire through staffing agencies which means there are hundreds of available jobs that you won’t be privy to. Do you want to miss out on a golden opportunity? Not a chance!

No waiting game

Some companies can take as long as six months to hire for a position. The number of potential candidates these days is insurmountable. Because Career Start has access to hundreds of hiring managers and companies, we can get your resume to these important decision-makers today. 

It’s free

Some online job boards require users to pay a monthly fee in order to access job postings. Spending money to find a job while out of a job is simply ludicrous. Career Start is free.


If we haven’t convinced you yet, see what LinkedIn has to say in
“10 Reasons You Should Use Staffing Firms.”

Start your next job today. What are you waiting for? Career Start, the most highly-respected staffing agency, is waiting for YOU!

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Why is Career Start Different?

We successfully partner with businesses, job candidates, and community agencies to become a leading community resource for flexible workforce management.

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