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Finding a job in today’s economy is more competitive than ever. Online job postings get an average of 250 resumes. About 2% of applicants receive an interview, and only one candidate is granted employment. Whether you are struggling to find work or just want to find a paid position quickly, employment agencies should be a critical piece in finding jobs in Rochester, NY.

Find A Career In Your Field, Even If It’s Niche

Employment agencies make it their business to match well-trained and qualified candidates to employers. They work with employers in Rochester, NY on a daily basis to fill open positions, especially positions that require candidates with a niche skill set. If you have struggled to find work on your own due to the specialized nature of your skills, submit your application to your local employment agency. They may be searching for a candidate just like you in Rochester, NY!

Employment agencies are also motivated to fill positions quickly. After all, the faster they can fill a position, the quicker they get paid. While some companies tend to take their time in the hiring process, many employment agencies will try to speed it along to ensure the position is filled as quickly as possible.

Better Explain Gaps In Employment, Resignations, Or A Firing

Trying to explain your job history during an interview can be intimidating. How do you explain employment gaps? Your unexpected resignation from your last position? That time you were fired? When employers in Rochester, NY notice a resume that reports months or years without a job, it doesn’t have to be a red flag.

An employment agency works with these situations all the time. You’re not the first to have employment gaps and they’re expected from time to time. An employment agency helps you navigate delicate questions during an interview, teaches you to explain how you’ve stayed busy during an unemployment period, and pinpoints the experiences you gained that help you become a valuable employee (i.e. taught you time management, organizational skills, etc). Overall, a high quality agency increases your chance of landing a real job in Rochester, NY and keeps your best interests at heart.

Benefits of Temporary Positions

Employers love to hire temporary employers because it gives them flexibility, especially in a cyclical or seasonal business. To job seekers, temporary employment may not seem as desirable as full time employment. However, there are a number of reasons why a temporary position can be beneficial.

While employers love flexibility, they also love stability. It’s not uncommon for a temporary worker to be hired full time if their work impressed their employer. Employers also often use temporary employees to test out potential candidates before making a final decision.

Especially in college graduates struggling to find a permanent position, temporary work is a constructive way to fill the gap between school and full time employment. Employers like to see that prospects have filled their “down-time” with something productive that teaches them valuable skills and experience. Also, employment, even on a temporary basis, makes individuals more marketable.

For the job seeker in Rochester, NY, temporary positions allow for self growth, not only in terms of skills and experience, but in adapting to corporate culture and new employers. It gives job seekers a chance to continually practice their “interview,” proving their skills and capabilities each day on the job to employers. Every temporary position is a foot in the door and a chance to clarify your own skills and interests. And if the assignment is just not working for the employee, it’s much easier to leave a temporary position than a full time position.

More Options Of Employment

Many busy employers won’t bother posting open positions on their own, especially if they are seeking temporary workers. They’ll lean on the time expertise of an employment agency to fill specific roles. This means that some positions are only available to those who work with an employment agency.

Employment agencies in Rochester, NY also have lots of jobs available. They have their finger on the job market every day and understand the landscape of your search better than anyone else. They work with HR recruiters on a daily basis and are able to make you connections that you wouldn’t be able to make on your own.

Do I Have To Pay An Employment Agency?

No, you don’t! Employment agencies are free for those who are searching for a job. Employment agencies receive payment from employers once a position is filled, not from the employees.

Find Your Next Job

Find your next job with our help. We have permanent and temporary positions available all through Rochester, NY. Fill out our online application and we will be in touch!

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