We’ve Moved (On Up!)

Career Start headquarters in Rochester, NY

Our Vision Behind Career Start’s Office

Since our Plymouth headquarters burned to the ground, we’ve been bouncing around from place to place, anxiously awaiting the completion of our new office space. We had a unique and specific vision for this space, for both our staff and our associates. Every detail of the new design was well thought out. The goal was to make sure it was a collaborative, inviting, and comfortable space. A place where our entire team can thrive. 

Career Starts CEO, Lindsay McCutchen, describes the vision behind  the new office:

How would you describe your office environment?  

The office environment that we have right now has great flow and flexibility. It has a sense of ease to it and has this “resimercial- like” residential/commercial feel to it. It is also lighter and happier than where we were before. I love that we are in a boutique neighborhood that offers dining experiences and personal services all within walking distance.  


Why is it important for you to be in a city neighborhood? 

It’s important for more businesses to make every effort to be in the city  Right now, the city feeds off the suburbs and it should be the other way around. We need more of a downtown city vibe to support the growth of Rochester. Career Start will always be in the city to be accessible to residents who need jobs. 


What inspired the design?

A progressive work environment with flexibility and collaboration inspired the design, as did health wellness.  

We have outdoor work spaces, a yoga room, a gym and even a kitchen. We plan to have a chef come in and cook some healthy food for the staff, a yoga instructor, etc. People spend a lot of time working and we want people to feel good when they walk in here, proud of where they work.


Why did you decide to do office hoteling?

We decided to do office hoteling because we wanted to be able to provide the flexibility of space for people depending on how they like to work. Our staff is very collaborative so we wanted to be able to offer areas conducive to that – comfortable seating areas and couches and group computer workstations,  where they can work on a team project together. On the flip side, we respect that sometimes there is a need for isolated focus time, and we’ve provided office spaces they can “rent” for the day. The hoteling concept allows people to do both. 


What does your staff think of office hoteling?  

Since we just moved in, and I am gathering feedback, but what I do know so far is that I see people utilizing the space differently one day than they do the next. It seems to be working as we planned.  


Our team is refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge. Stop in, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve created! 

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Why is Career Start Different?

We successfully partner with businesses, job candidates, and community agencies to become a leading community resource for flexible workforce management.

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