Veteran’s Outreach Center and Career Start

Career Start and VOC employees with award. Helping Veterans find jobs.

Helping Veterans Find Their Dream Job.

PTSD. Unfortunately, this is a term we’ve become all too familiar with. The Veteran’s Outreach Center helps these emotionally-wounded heroes come back down from the stress and fatigue they feel. However, PTSD is only a fraction of what the VOC offers these brave men and women. It helps them regain their mental, physical and economic health; readjust themselves into civilian life; and resume healthy, productive lives. All veterans are welcome, including current troops returning home. 

There are approximately 68,000 veterans currently in the Greater Rochester area. The Veterans Outreach Center offers many programs and volunteer opportunities such as housing, education, employment, and wellness. More than 1,000 veterans and their families take advantage of these services every year. 

The VOC is the oldest community-based veteran outreach effort of its kind in the nation, which originally started to support Vietnam veterans. It works with over 100 community organizations and workforce agencies in the Greater Rochester Area.

Career Start is extremely proud to have been selected as one of three Employers of the Year, having competed with over 100 local companies and agencies.


How and why Career Start?

Because of the passion and dedication a Senior Recruiter has for our local veterans, Career Start has made their job search a cinch. Whether full time, part time, long term, temp-to-hire or a direct-hire position, Career Start helping veterans find their dream job in a variety of companies in the Greater Rochester area. Career Start has worked closely with each of these veterans and has devoted time to getting their civilian lives back on track. How? By specifically identifying their skill sets to help match them with the right job and company.

We are proud that Career Start has made such a difference in these heroes’ lives.

To learn more about the available programs, please check out Veterans Outreach Center.

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Why is Career Start Different?

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