Upcoming Job Interview? Research, Ask Questions

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Career Start’s Guide to Helping You Nail Your Dream Job

When is it time to say adios to your current job? Being a staffing agency, we see people switch jobs at the drop of a hat because of things like budget constraints, lack of individual growth, misunderstood job tasks, etc. By researching the job or company from the start, maybe red flags would’ve gone up and many individuals would’ve realized that it wasn’t a good fit. 

Although the reasons for leaving may be valid, is it worth it to keep switching from job to job? Is it worth having to relearn new software, new company policies and procedures, or always being the low man/woman on the totem pole? Career Start can answer that in two simple words – absolutely not.

If, for example, the job isn’t what it promised when you interviewed, or you don’t see room for growth, then maybe you need to change your interviewing style. 

Asking questions during a job interview is your answer! There are dozens of interviewing questions that will answer whether this is your dream job or not. Of course you’re going to ask what the job entails but it’s also important to ask questions beyond everyday stuff.

During the job interview process, the potential employer will be pretty impressed when you ask a list of good questions. Do your research. To get you started, here are a few common interview questions to kick around:

Questions about YOUR role:

  1. Can you go into more detail on what the day-to-day responsibilities of the job are?
  2. What characteristics do you think a person would need in order to succeed in this role?
  3. What’s the most important thing I could do within the first 90 days?
  4. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve seen people in this role encounter?
  5. How do you measure performance success in this role?
  6. Can you describe the career path for someone in this role within the company?
  7. What sort of budget would I be working with?
  8. What is the work environment like?
  9. Ask questions about the COMPANY:

What is the one overarching thing that employees seem to like best about working here?

  1. Can you go into detail about the company culture?
  2. What challenges has the company faced in the last few years? What challenges are anticipated?
  3. Are there upcoming changes or innovations in the industry?

Still need more convincing? See what Indeed has to say about it.

Before interview day, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Yes, you do have to impress the hiring manager so you have a shot at the position, but the hiring manager has to impress YOU and give you a reason to want to join the team. And, if after the job interview you learned a lot that you didn’t expect to hear, move on to the next. 

Visit Career Start to start your job search journey.

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