Tips and Resources to help Veterans Find Jobs

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Tips and Resources to help Veterans Find Jobs

The transition from military life to a civilian career can be a very intimidating process, one that brings on angst at the mere thought. One of the most common reasons for this fear is feeling like your military skills can’t possibly be useful in the civilian workforce.

Hold on! Let’s boost that confidence up a notch or two! There’s a lot you have to offer as a military veteran that you may not even be thinking of. You’ve earned a broad range of valuable expertise through your military education and experience, and possibly from jobs prior to active duty. It goes without saying that you earned skills like discipline, adaptability, empathy and critical thinking that employers covet when hiring a new employee.

No doubt, finding the right position for anyone does take hard work.


Here are a few ideas to get you started on your search:

  • Career Start can offer job-search tools by entering military position titles and matching them to job openings that require similar skills. 
  • There are military-to-civilian translators. You enter your military job to find related civilian careers. You’ll get information on matching occupations including wages, education, outlook, and a link to current local job postings.
  • A website like VetCentral can direct you to organizations that make it their company mission to help veterans find jobs.
  • Some companies offer specific programs to help veterans find jobs. Here are a few organizations you may find useful:
    • U.S. Office of Veterans Affairs — The VA is a logical starting place.
    • Feds Hire Vets — fedshirevets.gov, offers federal employment information.
    • Hire Heroes USA — A nonprofit organization, hireheroesusa.org, provides personalized job search assistance..
    • NPower — npower.org is a nonprofit organization that helps military veterans learn basic computer and technical skills.
    • Hirepurpose — hirepurpose.com is a website built by veterans, for veterans, to help former service members find jobs and companies find top talent.
    • Consider additional schooling. There are several programs to help with financial aid to veterans.


Wherever your path takes you, being a military veteran CAN and WILL help you in the job market. Remember, finding the right position takes time. People search for months before securing employment. Stop in or apply on our website to get started.


Best of luck to you. And thank you for your service. 

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