The Top 5 Soft Skills to Look For as an Employer

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How to find the best candidate for the job

As an employer, you’re likely going to be receiving lots of applications from future employees through our staffing agency in Rochester, NY.  The candidates you come across are likely to have a wide variety of skills, which may or may not be related to the position you are looking to fill.  It’s important to find ways to identify commonalities in their abilities and what is required within the role itself.

People are complex, and you’re likely not the first employer they’ve come across. Even if that’s not the case, being able to acknowledge elements of their character and personality can help you match them with an ideal position.  Read on for the top five soft skills to look for in your potential job candidates:

1. Communication skills.

Whether it’s verbally or in writing, being able to successfully communicate is a major asset as an employee.  This is critical even if the position itself doesn’t require every day writing responsibilities. There are several basic work tasks that require this ability like answering emails, providing status updates, and one-on-one meetings.

2. Interpersonal skills.

Being collaborative is becoming more and more a part of the everyday workplace, regardless of what industry you may be looking to start your career in.  Having skills like being agreeable and conscientious are highly valued. Therefore, this will allow for your new employee to interact well with your existing employees as a team member.

3. Problem-solving skills.

Today’s workplace moves at such a fast pace which requires extreme attention to detail.  As an organization, you’ll benefit from employees who work to address problems head-on and get to the bottom of things in an efficient manner.

4. Project management skills. 

This skill, in particular, is all about execution.  From start to finish, it’s important that an employee has the ability to carry a project from beginning to end. They have to tend to every detail or mishap along the way.  This is especially true if multiple people are working on the same thing.

5. Supervisory skills.

If you’re looking to fill a managerial type of position, this is incredibly important.  The ability to effectively communicate, follow up with people, brainstorm ideas, and delegate tasks are all imperative skills to have.

Whether you’re looking to fill an entry-level position or an experienced supervisory role, Career Start can connect you with top candidates that will make the best match for your company as a top staffing agency in Rochester, NY.  Login to our employer portal to post your jobs today.

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