The Most Effective Coaching Methods

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The Best Way to Guide Your Employees to Success

Your staff is ultimately the backbone of your organization.  It’s important to identify coaching methods with newly hired employees that best fits their learning style.  When it comes to establishing working relationships within your organization, successful coaching methods need to be tailored to the individual and position overall.

Implementing coaching methods allows for each employee to receive individual attention. It’s all about identifying what employees are already good at, what they need to improve upon, and what they can teach the rest of their team members.  It’s a learning process that requires equal participation from both parties. 

Coaching needs to be continuous.  Not to the point where it can become overbearing, but often enough so that there is a consistent stream of communication between you and your team.  Mention their overall performance & how they match (or don’t match) your expectations.

Below are some of the most effective methods to use while coaching your employees:

Give them a round of applause

Don’t neglect to give notable recognition to what your employee is doing correctly. You want to shy away from the label that you are only there to “fix” something and that you only notice them when something is done incorrectly. By doing this, you’re not only reassuring them of their abilities, but you’re also boosting their confidence within themselves and your relationship.  It’s important to communicate everything that your employee is doing right to them.  They’ll appreciate you doing this, trust me.

Provide positive & honest feedback

By establishing a consistent basis where you are giving your employee feedback, they’ll learn to adapt and trust your advice on a deeper level.  Make sure everything you’re saying is both positive and honest.  If you have to give some criticism, express it in an uplifting way.  There’s no need to be rude or hyper-analytical.  Try to avoid micro-managing & trust in your employee’s ability to acclimate to whatever changes you’ve told them to make within a respectable amount of time.

Discuss, discuss, and discuss some more.

Throughout the coaching process, your employee is more than likely to ask questions.  Answer question with details and clarity, especially if it involves them following a step-by-step process while making a change.  Don’t be afraid to turn this into an open discussion & ask for their opinion when it comes to approaching certain situations with different techniques.  Find out what would work best for them, and then come to a compromise if necessary.  Communicating this information makes the whole process easier for everyone involved.

Follow-up & check-in

The last step is to follow-up with them. You want the employee to feel supported.  Emphasize that the relationship remains supportive and open.  You want to check-in on their overall progress.  Ask if they have made the necessary changes based on your suggestions.  Analyze the outcome of your coaching methods and identify any gaps that may be there.  Was your coaching effective?  Was there anything not communicated properly that should have been?  Going through this self-analysis as well as receiving feedback from your employee can help improve the next coaching session you plan on having.

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