Searching for Jobs during a Pandemic

Searching for Jobs in Rochester, NY During a Pandemic

You may be thinking to yourself, “Are businesses even looking to hire right now?” The answer is YES! There are jobs in Rochester, NY! If you missed our blog from July take a look. We talk about why you should start your job hunt now and give you insight into just how many positions we are calling on to fill. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips to keep in mind while job searching:

1. Don’t assume

That’s right. Do not assume there are no jobs and give up before you even start. There are jobs and plenty of them! Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places. Now more than ever companies are shifting to virtual operations, so while your interview (and job) may look a little different, don’t let that discourage you.

2. Keep your resume up to date 

Maybe you were recently laid off or furloughed, or you have just been out of the job search game for a while. Make sure to update your resume before you start reapplying as all employers will ask to see it. It also could be the main talking point! If you’ve been out of work for a while and your resume shows that, be honest and express your eagerness to get back into the workforce. Employers will understand given the circumstances. 

3. Master the art of interviewing

Take some time to sharpen up your interview skills or get comfortable with virtual interviews. A survey conducted in 2019 showed that 47% of big employers already used video interviewing for some roles, and it’s trending that video calls will only increase during and after the pandemic. If you’re asked to do a video interview, choose a spot where you won’t be distracted. As far as attire goes, I’m sure you’ve seen videos of people dressed up from the waist up with sweatpants on. Don’t be that person! Fully dress yourself for everyone’s sake.

4. Follow up on your applications

You’re not the only person looking for a job. Be proactive and follow up when you send an application through. You’ll stand out from the crowd and show that you’re eager and excited to find work.

5. Be patient

Again, you’re not the only person looking for a job. It can take a while to hear back from the hiring coordinator as they sift through tons of resumes and applications. Just know the employer is working their hardest to find and staff people most qualified.

See what LinkedIn had to say on this topic!

Career Start can help find you a jobs in Rochester, NY. Here are your options:

  • Walk-ins are always welcome at our office at 53 Russell Street. All you need are 2 forms of ID, a resume, and a mask. 
  • Apply online at https://careerstartny.com/employee-services/
  • Check our socials for Open Interview Events
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