Tips On How To Attract and Retain Healthcare Talent

Tips On How To Keep And Retain Healthcare Talent - People eating and watching a presentation

Prioritize Your Healthcare Employees

Today’s healthcare landscape has switched to having more open positions versus people who are seeking employment. This makes it imperative to attract and retain healthcare employees for the future. The baby boomer generation is aging out of healthcare, making experienced and talented healthcare professionals desirable now more than ever. Healthcare facilities need to have a plan to ensure that they can give their patients the care they need and deserve. If you have a need for nursing jobs in Rochester, NY we have healthcare professionals that are available 24/7.

Treat Them Like Gold

It’s important to remember that you’re asking someone to come in to work in a short time frame, so you’re going to want to treat them right. You want to treat them like they are an extension of your team, because they are. Making sure that your staff is aware that the new arrival is there to support their team and patients can help to create a positive work environment for everyone involved.

Pay Them Well

If you’re not already doing so, one of the surefire ways to attract the best talent in healthcare is to offer great salaries. Working in healthcare is a selfless career, but having a great salary will always be a draw to attract new talent and keep them from looking for another job. The compensation the healthcare professional receives should be more than a traditional nurse because you’re not paying their benefits, and you’re asking them to come in on short notice. Give them premium pay will help show that you appreciate them interrupting their day to work with you.

Looking to fill multiple nursing jobs in Rochester, NY? Our healthcare staffing experts are ready with a list of top tier talent that are accessible immediately.

Communication Is Key

No matter what level of position, communication will help you keep gauge employee morale and give insight into potential issues. Employees also appreciate transparency and like to know the direction the organization is moving in. Open lines of communication can mean the difference between keeping your top talent or heading back to the job board and starting over.

Now we’re not perfect and our employees will be absent or call in sick. But what differentiates Career Start is our ability to react quickly, backfill the position, and have a replacement onsite within 2 hours.

We also have a team of on-call coordinators that work when we’re closed. They’re available to answer calls 5pm-9am Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday 24 hours per day. These are live Career Start employees that are fully trained in staffing. These OCC’s answer the phone, work with customers/employees and backfill any position or new request.

Keep Everyone Happy

It’s important to maintain a positive work environment that everyone wants to work in. To retain talented healthcare professionals, it usually comes down to if they’re happy and motivated. All the money in the world is great, but it doesn’t bring happiness in the long run. It’s critical to stay diligent in creating a great place to work to ensure your turnover rates stay low. No one wants to come to work at a place where they don’t feel happy and excited. Focus on keeping morale in your facility high and try to monitor and diffuse gossip, laziness, and negativity.

We focus on keeping temporary staff happy by offering referral bonuses and gift cards for high performers! This helps to create a healthy competition for good job performance which helps keep morale up.

At Career Start our force of healthcare professionals is ready when you need them. If you’re in need of filling multiple nursing jobs in Rochester, NY, we have an outstanding roster of talent that are fully certified and pre-qualified by our staffing experts.

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