The Top 3 Reasons Employees Are Leaving the Workplace

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In 2018 the Work Institute reported that about 28.6% of employees would leave their jobs to go work somewhere else. That’s over one in four workers! This was an 11% increase from 2017. If that trend continues, one in three workers or 48 million employees will quit their jobs by 2020.

So why are employees leaving their jobs, and what can employers do to keep their employees? A majority of the employees leaving their jobs for better opportunities is because the thriving job market and increased job-confidence that the strong economy has created as the unemployment rate declines. This has led to employees being more selective about where they will work and whether they’re willing to change jobs if a better opportunity arises.

Why Are Employees Leaving?

The Work Institute’s Retention Report for 2018 lists the Top 10 reasons that employees are citing when leaving their jobs. They include:

  1. Career development
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Manager behavior
  4. Well-being
  5. Compensation and benefits
  6. Relocation
  7. Job characteristics
  8. Involuntary
  9. Retirement
  10. Work environment.

If these reasons are improved upon, employees would stay in their current jobs. Let’s take a deeper look at the top three: career development, work-life balance, and manager behavior.

Career Development 

Employees who see a lack of growth and development will use career development as a reason to leave their current job. Employers need to understand what their employees are looking for in terms of growth and goals or face the consequences of employees finding better opportunities. As a staffing agency, CareerStart provides on-site workforce management to any companies they supply workers to, where a supervisor works in-office and can communicate with the temp employees. This is a great for having someone up-to-date on the employees’ growth and development within the company and can help the employee if they’re feeling stuck.

Work-Life Balance 

Employees in the service sector care about the schedule that they work.  Many of them work flexible hours and if they believe their schedule is impeding on their work-home balance, they may seek a job with a more favorable schedule. Employers can communicate with their employees to ensure that everyone has a schedule that fits their needs. Schedule changes may need to be made in order to keep current employees.   This will help retain more employees over time.

Manager Behavior 

When people leave because of a manager, it’s more often related to inappropriate behavior, not that their manager was incompetent. Employees will accept the overall business and strategic approaches of managers, but won’t accept unprofessional conduct by managers. Many companies train for job-specific skills and provide ongoing job skills training to ensure competency, but ignore training that teaches professionalism or conduct. 

With a rise in social movements like Me Too and Times Up, employees want to see managers “stand up for their teams, and support an environment where they can do their best work and grow” now more than ever (Work Institute). Employers can make sure that managers are well-trained to ensure that there are no problems with workplace ethics.  This will help you retain employees on a long-term basis.

CareerStart is a staffing agency in Rochester, NY that can help to fill any vacant positions and when you need them. Our staffing agency has a team of 24/7 on-call coordinators who can fill positions at a moment’s notice. Our trained on-site workforce management supervisors can help temp employees in-office. By keeping these things in mind, you can make strides to keep your employees, instead of having them seek new opportunities.

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