Probing the Mind of a Successful Female CEO

Newspaper lists woman-owned businesses in Rochester, NY.

Part III – Technology

This is the third and final blog where we’re talking with Lindsay McCutchen, the founder and CEO, our go-get-’em leader who started her staffing agency, Career Start, in 2011. She will be sharing her views on customer and technology hindrances. That’s right – hindrances that technology brings her way!

“For any business to be successful, you have to have a steady customer base. As far as relationships with customers, we treat them as a partnership rather than customer-agency based. We are picky about who we partner with. We want long-term partnerships with mutual respect.”

“I think a lot of temporary employment agencies have the habit of selling everything they can just to fill bodies in slots. We don’t do that. We’re very calculating in the partners we choose to do business with. If a company doesn’t fit our mission and values, we don’t do business with them.”

“With all the success and drive of our company, it would appear that nothing could hold us back. But, there is one thing. Technology. I’ll bet that’s a surprise to most, but we can only go as far as our technology allows us.”

“We’ve got several exciting technology advancements coming in 2021 – new management tracking systems, employee databases, and a mobile app, to name a few. Our plate is full! We’ve really grown substantially up to this point even with technological limitations. Once that is no longer slowing us down, the sky’s the limit.”


The Future

Today Career Start is in three cities with 50 internal employees and over 5,000 temporary associates over seven years. They plan ahead rather than catch up. With one of their core values being “raise the bar,” they continue the task of making processes lean.

Someday soon, Lindsay will be compared to the likes of Lisa Su (Advanced Micro Devices), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!), Mary Barra (General Motors), and other powerful women in the business world. There is no doubt in our minds!

They forge new partnerships with compatible businesses so they can connect great people in our communities to great opportunities. They offer temporary positions in medical staffing, manufacturing, and administrative to name a few. Their purpose is to change the world through employment, and by the looks of it – they’re doing just that!

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Why is Career Start Different?

We successfully partner with businesses, job candidates, and community agencies to become a leading community resource for flexible workforce management.

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