Probing the Mind of a Successful Female CEO Part II

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Welcome back to the second in a three-part series delving into the mind of Lindsay McCutchen, our Founder and CEO. If you missed Part I, start there to read more about Lindsay’s take on culture in the workplace. Here, we will be sharing her views on leadership training, commitment and recognition.

“This year, we began offering a 12-month leadership course to leaders in our staffing company. It helped them build on their ability to connect, coach, collaborate, and manage relationships cross-functionally. It allows them to lead their teams as well as inspire or mentor a complacent employee. We identify the gaps and listen to what they have to say about their performance.

We understand that in some cases, an employee may not fit the particular role they were hired for. We’ve worked with employees to create new job functions by developing KPIs and responsibilities that align and fit within the scope of direction of Career Start.



Commitment is not an option here. Our team is made up of nothing but go-getters that are hungry for success. We live to disrupt the status quo. Our team has had ups and downs over the past few years – from losing our building to a fire, to a staff restructuring, to now a pandemic. 

These challenges only made us fight harder. Our staff are committed to positive results and never shy away from a difficult situation.


Our Win’s

When an employee has a victory, everyone knows. That’s how we roll. Transparency has allowed us to celebrate each others’ successes as well as help those who may be struggling. Our top performers are rewarded weekly with company-wide recognition along with monthly bonuses. We even added a gong to our office so that everyone knows when a goal is hit!

Our commission plan has no limits! Recruiters in THIS staffing agency work hard and in return, we want to give back to them. We reward the top performer of each division with an extra monthly bonus and if they surpass a certain amount for the year, they are awarded an all-expense paid trip to a tropical location. We want our employees to feel appreciated so their accomplishments do not go unrecognized.”

Our employees play a huge part in helping us achieve our goals we’ve set for ourselves as an organization. Career Start has made the Rochester Top 100 List (#40 in 2020) five years in a row and the Inc. 5000 list since 2017. Not to brag, but only 20% of the companies that make it into the Inc. 5000 make it three years in a row, and an even smaller percentage making it in more than that! Add in a Rochester Business Journal Powerful Partnership Award and solidifying a spot on the Inc. 5000 NY Metro List of Fastest Growing Companies, we are extremely proud of our team.

In an upcoming blog, don’t miss Lindsay’s take on customers and the role technology plays in their day-to-day activities.

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