Probing the Mind of a Successful Female CEO Part I

Career Start CEO, Lindsey McCutchen at an outdoor company event. Successful female CEO.

There are 74.6 million women in the U.S. civilian workforce. Of those women, 10 million own businesses, which collectively generates $1.9 trillion in revenue. Lindsay McCutchen is one of those women, a successful female CEO. She’s probably no stranger to you, but let’s delve into her mind a bit.

“My three accomplishments thus far – being a mother, wife, and successful business owner. I graduated from St. John Fisher in 2006 and within 10 months, Career Start was established. Over the past 13 years, I have been juggling family and work – not an easy task! Throw in community involvement, leadership development, and a pandemic – you get the idea. Life’s been nothing but challenging. But I don’t shy away from a challenge and I always encourage and inspire my employees to level-up by being the best versions of themselves.

My employees describe me as being driven, focused and invested. Not a surprise. I am! During a past interview with the RBJ, Senior Recruiter Justin Head shared, “Even though Lindsay is a full time mom, she doesn’t really sacrifice. She figures out a way to do both.” 


Culture, Culture, Culture

My top priority is having a culture where all employees enjoy work satisfaction, relationships and progression. Culture is crucial. Workplace culture is innovative, fast-paced, and transparent. We believe in the philosophy, ‘work hard, play hard.’ We are passionate about our lifestyle. We realize that the success of our company depends on the quality of our relationships and interactions rather than solely on optimizing isolated metrics in our operations. At the end of the day, building synergistic authentic relationships is our #1 priority. We do not believe that this is just a job, but a passion, and we bring that to everything we do.

Given my firm belief in a successful culture, there’s no such thing as a complacent employee. Over the past year, we built a culture where we have each others’ backs in every situation. It’s common to see high fives around the office, as we celebrate each other for hitting milestones and cheering on customer wins. We’re a high-performing crew, constantly hitting new key performance indicators (KPI) or sales goals, so there are no shortage of reasons to celebrate. As a team, we are allergic to coasting by. There’s plenty of work to go around and we want our team to reap the rewards of their  hard work, not spend their time picking up the slack of another. 

In the months to come, I’ll share more of my success tips. Stay tuned.

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