No College Degree? No Problem!

Line worker at a factory. Positions that don't require a college degree.

Positions We Staff For That Don’t Require a College Degree

You have the smarts, You have the drive, but college wasn’t a fit. At Career Start, That’s not a problem! Our recruiters specialize in matching your talents and skills with positions that fit you and your schedule. We staff a variety of positions that don’t require a college degree. Take a look and see there’s a match for you. 

Production Crew Member

A Production Crew Member usually has experience with inventory systems, cycle counting, and printing ticket labels. They are responsible for preparing for incoming and outgoing shipments. The average salary is about $41K.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A CNA does not need a college education, but a high school diploma/GED and certification are required. They usually work in hospital settings or visit clients in their homes. Shifts are usually 8 hours. The average pay in New York is $16-$20/hour.

Quality Inspector

A Quality Inspector maintains standards for quality and ensures procedures are being followed to meet compliance with those standards. A quality inspector is used in many areas such as food, production, clean room, and medical. The average pay varies in each setting.

General Laborer

A General Laborer is responsible for loading and unloading tools or raw materials, assembling scaffolding or other pieces of equipment, and performing product inspections throughout the process. In some cases, you may be required to have experience. The average pay in New York is $15-$17/hour.

Warehouse Worker

As a Warehouse Worker, you will need a high school diploma/GED and sometimes related experience and/or training. This role handles products on assembly lines by packaging, boxing, and loading finished goods. The average pay in New York is $14-21/hour.

Machine Operator

A Machine Operator operates machinery, sets up, troubleshoot, and adjusts machines as necessary. For this role, you will need a high school diploma/GED and sometimes related experience in a certain environment and/or training. The average pay in New York is $15-17/hour.

Medical Assistant (MA)

As a Medical Assistant, you will be rooming patients, documenting patient services, assisting Healthcare teams with patient needs, and preparing rooms. Medical Assistants are required to have a valid Medical Assistant Certification as well as current CPR, current physical, PPD, and MMRs. The average pay in New York is $17/hour.
This is just a sampling of the positions we have to offer. To see a full list, visit Career Start Jobs and Careers. Unsure about what you want to do? Talk to one of our recruiters today or visit our website for more information and to get you started in a field that best suits your goals and future.

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