Cut Costs and Mitigate Risk with Payrolling Solutions

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Clients save money and reduce liability by taking advantage of Career Start’s payrolling services.

We take care of worker’s compensation and SUTA costs and relieve you from costly and time-consuming payroll responsibilities.

Additionally, in essence, we become the employer of record so you have no legal liability if or when an undesired issue arises.

Getting started with payrolling services with Career Start is easy:

  • Join the Employer Network
  • Request Individuals or a Workforce
  • Sign Up for Payrolling Services


Get Started with Payrolling Services

Companies Utilizing Payrolling Services

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Benefits of Using Payrolling Services with Career Start


Bring on dozens of temporary workers when you need them without assuming the responsibilities of payrolling.

Cost Savings

Career Start's payrolling services are typically less than the costs associated with onboarding a new part-time or full-time employee. We also take care of worker's compensation and SUTA costs.

Time Savings

Payrolling responsibilities are time-consuming and tedious. When we partner with clients, we take on as many HR and payrolling tasks as possible so you can focus on your business.

Industries that Benefit the Most from Payrolling Services with Career Start

Daily Flex Workforce Management is the best solution for cyclical/seasonal business, as well as businesses that have high volatility in labor demands.

Advanced Manufacturing

  • welding
  • tooling
  • machining


  • registered nurses
  • licensed practical nurses
  • certified nursing assistants
  • technicians
  • administrative positions

General Labor

  • assembly line
  • outdoor work
  • packaging
  • customer service

What the Payrolling Services Process Looks Like With Career Start

Step 1

Join the Employer Network

Join our network of employers by completing this questionnaire.

This allows us to learn more about your business and staffing needs, and helps you determine if our services are the right fit your organization.

Step 2

Request Workers

Once you are a part of the network, you can start submitting employment requests.

Tell us the quantity, timing, and type of labor needed and we will tap our talent pool to supply you with a workforce.

Step 3

Sign Up For Payrolling Services

Meet with our payrolling specialist to set up payrolling services for your temporary, part-time, and full-time workers.

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