Making the Transition from Home Back to the Office

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Most of us have been working from home for over a year now. Our kitchen table has become our home office. Zoom has become our friend, sort of. But now that the pandemic is under (semi) control, we’re starting to return to the workplace. Returning to the office could be a huge transition. Here are a few tips to help with it:


Mentally Prepare for the Shift and Look at the Bright Side of the Return

If the boss says you have to return, embrace it! Try to focus on the opportunities that may have been missed while working at home – access to others, better equipment, new learning strategies, socialization. And let’s face it, in-person presentations to management are much more effective than sharing your screen on Zoom. 

A recent online survey noted in USA Today of just over 1,000 professionals found that nearly 30% say they would quit their jobs if they were made to go back to working in the office. If you’re in that category but don’t have the luxury of up and quitting, accept it and move on.


Hit the (Office) Ground Running

Visit the office ahead of time. Your exit may have been abrupt, leaving it a mess. Make sure it is prepped for your first day back. And, when you do return to work, show up early and work hard. Successful people will achieve their goals by having the right mindset on day one. 


Home Life / Work Life Revamp

If your partner continued to work outside the home, you probably did all the household tasks. Talk to your partner and be sure he/she understands that life at home will change significantly. If you compromise on chores, it will help reduce your stress. And don’t forget the impact on the little ones in the household. Talk to them about going back to daycare, school, or the nanny coming back in, as they are also transitioning through this process.


Change Can Be Good

Just as hard as it was to adjust to working at home, going back will be just as big. Office life may have changed. Maybe new colleagues have come on board and they’re not up to speed. Maybe positions are still empty and you’re going to take the brunt of the work. Whatever the case, learn to roll with the punches and take on the new normal until things settle back down. Once you’re able to do this, you’ll remember the camaraderie you were missing by being alone in an office at home. You’ll fall back in love with everything that “wasn’t” for the past year.


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