Keeping Employees Engaged During the Holiday Season

Keeping employees engaged during the holiday season.

Halloween is behind us and what comes next? Stores are already decorated, holiday commercials and movies are  in full swing, and “Black Friday” sales have been extended throughout the month of November. Every year it seems to get earlier and earlier, taking our focus away from other important things. Keeping employees engaged during the holiday season can be a real challenge.

What exactly is employee engagement? It’s a state of functioning in an organization wherein employees are motivated to contribute to the company’s success. They give it their all and make every effort to accomplish important tasks to reach a common objective. If you’ve created a positive company culture, you’re already a step ahead! 

According to a Gallup poll, an astonishing 51% of the American workforce is not engaged. And that’s a year-round average. Imagine what it would be at holiday time? As an employer, you probably don’t want to know that answer.

Here are five tips to help keep your employees engaged and motivated during the holiday season:

  1. Say thank you. Write an appreciation letter to each employee. Look back over the year and reflect on each of their accomplishments.
  2. Organize a group outing. With Covid, this may be a challenge but there are always ways to work around it. You can meet at a smash room and let out that holiday stress on a vintage 13” RCA TV. Or, give each employee a gift card, let them leave work one after to use it, and then meet up a couple of hours later for some show and tell. Both of these activities will reward your employee and create a team-building activity that helps bond them. 
  3. Give awards at your holiday party where management takes the time to recognize employees. Get little trophies or make certificates to commemorate the accomplishment.
  4. Schedule events during the day. With the rush of the holidays, this shows respect for employees’ personal time.  
  5. Organize a companywide charitable project. Collect donations for a shelter or food drive, adopt a family. or close for a day to work in a soup kitchen.

The stress of the holiday season can hamper the productivity of even your most engaged employees. Try one of these tips this year. Your bottom line will be happy you did.

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