Inherent Traits of Successful Leaders

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It’s pretty much a given that the leaders of a corporation have a strong work ethic and a high level of expertise in the industry they’re in. But, it turns out there are other, sometimes more important, attributes that most successful leaders have in common. 

  1. Values a positive culture

Successful leaders see a positive company culture as the cornerstone of their business strategy. They understand that company culture has a powerful downstream effect on everything related to employees, including engagement, performance, and retention. To that end, the most impactful leaders demonstrate a personal connection with the culture. This helps build trust among the organization, establish shared values that foster a sense of community, and attract the best talent and candidate referrals.

  1. Brings everything back to the company mission

Top leaders are dedicated to articulating and championing the mission of the company, both within and outside of the organization. These people have a knack for keeping everybody within the organization focused on that mission. They strive to ensure a sense of purpose is woven into every single role. 

  1. Transparency is modeled

The open door policy is a reflection of honesty. It shows an employee that communication is imperative. In insecure times, successful leadership teams know that keeping employees informed minimizes anxiety. This is a great way to build trust throughout the entire organization. 

  1. Conveys information clearly and welcomes feedback

Consistency in communication is another way to help employees feel secure. The most effective leaders are those who are consistent with their communication. People who welcome employee feedback demonstrate a willingness for 2-way communication. This helps to address issues at the lower levels. 

  1. Is open to learning

Even higher-ups of the most successful companies should continue to learn and show a passion for knowledge and a genuine curiosity in their employees. If they don’t have an answer, they don’t pretend and engage the employees to remedy a situation if they themselves don’t have one. They ask questions and seek different perspectives on solutions in order to make the best decision. 

  1. Is a keen listener

They sincerely listen to the employees while trying to understand the different perspectives of a situation. They listen keenly and don’t interrupt. This helps build trust and strengthens relationships, thereby retaining great employees. 

  1. Nurtures potential leaders

They maximize the potential of their employees. They look for options to promote from within and have a sense for matching talent with positions to get the most value out of a person. 

  1. Prioritizes inclusion and diversity

They have diverse teams because they know that studies have shown diversity is essential to the long-term success of the company.

  1. Builds resilience

They are perceptive and know how to handle themselves no matter what they’re facing. They strive to overcome challenges seamlessly. Resilient leaders anticipate challenges that may be coming and find solutions to situations before they hit.

  1. Inspires others 

When a leadership team shows a strong passion for their work, it is seen by all. It permeates into the ranks, ultimately increasing productivity. 

Focusing on these behaviors will not only make a company stronger, but it will positively affect the lives of the employees throughout the organization.

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