How We Placed 350 Workers in the Manufacturing Industry in Three Weeks

Case Study 1 - Temporary staff

At Career Start, we pride ourselves on our ability to fill 100% of our clients’ job openings with qualified candidates. This includes our ability to place a large number of employees at a customer site without difficulty. We do this by using our large pool of temporary staff who are available to work anytime.

Over the summer of 2018, one of our manufacturing clients took on an extremely large, last-minute project, which would require the help of 350 new employees. They needed expert help–and fast. Career Start had provided temporary staffing to this customer for quite some time, but never to this extent.

However, with our streamlined process and expertise, we were able to provide this client with the supplemental workforce they needed. We increased their staff from roughly 100 employees to 450 employees in approximately three weeks’ time.

Our temporary staff worked all three shifts for this client as assembly line workers, material handlers, forklift operators, shipping and receiving clerks, sanitation workers, picker/packers, administrative assistants, and team leaders.

To fill an order like this one, we use a combination of traditional searching methods and creative techniques that help us generate a large number of candidates faster than any of our competitors can. All of our clients are paired with a dedicated recruiter who develops a longstanding relationship with the client by recruiting and placing employees who are not only qualified for job openings but also fit the client’s company culture.

How We Did It

  • Reputation – We draw a large pool of potential employees because we are very well known within the Rochester community as the staffing agency where job searchers go to find the best job possible.
  • Current Database – We have a robust database with tens of thousands of prospective employees who are ready to work. In our database, we’re able to identify qualified candidates immediately, matching any skill set our clients may need.
  • Local Partners – We partner with many local community agencies in Monroe County that work very closely with Career Start to provide us with candidates outside of our network looking for work.
  • Experienced Recruiting Team – We have a dedicated team that is always training our staff and developing our processes, operations, and policies to better accommodate short-notice large orders, long-term temporary openings, and/or direct hire opportunities.
  • In-depth Screening ProcessEvery employee we place locally is interviewed in-person by a recruiter and evaluated with our in-depth screening process.  


Career Start’s efforts provided the headcount our client needed to complete this large project on time.

Because of this, we are now the preferred provider for this manufacturing client. We continue to handle the majority of their staffing needs. This is all because we were able to meet their needs and deliver superior customer service. Our customer service starts on day one and continues on accomodating any unique request or requirement our partners may have.

No job order is too big or too small. With that being said, Career Start can handle requests for hundreds of employees with very little difficulty. We also handle the hard to find, high-level job openings that require an in-depth candidate hunt for the right fit.

We pride ourselves on being a step ahead of our competition and continuing to be the best option for our current customers and future partners.

MFG Case Study - Employer Sign Up
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