How to Shift Back From Working At Home

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It’s safe to say that the past few months have been wild! Our lifestyles have shifted, and our normal daily routines have been disrupted.  As we begin to shift back into working at our offices again, it may not be “back to normal” or “business as usual” for many offices in Rochester, NY.  

What we have all collectively experienced is one for the history books.  We have the opportunity to learn from our most recent experience and take away the good or experiences to improve on.  Some ways to transition back include introducing or practicing the following:

Hybrid Weeks

  • Some employers might opt to introduce “hybrid weeks”, where employees can continuously choose whether to work from home or at the office. 
  • “Hybrid weeks” are also great to ensure social distancing and that everyone is getting a fair rotation between the office and home. If your long-term plan is for your employees to return back to the office following their typical schedule, this is a great way to help them ease back into this routine. 
  • It’s also important to understand what your employees would rather do.  Many offices are conducting company-wide surveys, anonymous or otherwise, to see what the general consensus is on continuing to work from home or returning back to the office.

Internal Evaluations

  • Internal evaluations are a great way to get back in touch with your employees about what their needs are and can be helpful in regard to how to move forward within your workplace. 
  • Depending on the responses you end up getting, you may want to look into additional resources that can help your employees transition back as successfully as possible.  This might be in the form of one-on-one meetings, wellness check-ins, and anything else to help deal with the mental strain caused by the pandemic itself. 
  • As a leader within your organization, it’s important to prioritize communication and transparency with your employees.  Extending a hand during this time goes a long way for overall morale.

Have a social gathering with your employees

  • Another idea is to try to acclimate your employees with one another in person again.  If your local government allows it, organize a date where you can all go out for lunch or drinks and catch up!  This may make everyone more comfortable in the long run and promote a positive company culture. 
  • It’s a great opportunity to become reacquainted with your employees as a group and get everyone in a better mindset.

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