How Do You Hire During the Labor Shortage

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We’re living in unprecedented times. The spike in unemployment due to COVID is at a level not seen in over seventy years. There is a labor shortage all over the United States from hospitality to health to trades. What are the reasons and how can we get through it?

In a recent survey of 1,800 workers, 48% of them were frustrated as the jobs they were finding didn’t match the skills they have. 46% said the only openings they found weren’t offering enough pay or benefits. Researchers also concluded that people changed career paths, and have worked remotely, these same people no longer wanted to face the daily commute.

Anthony Klotz, an Organizational Psychologist has termed our current situation, “The Great Resignation”. People are rethinking what they’re going to do next. Because of an abrupt layoff, along with witnessing death and illness all around them, it has made them stop and think about their purpose in life and what will make them happy. Many are now demanding flexibility, as being home has caused them to value work-life balance like never before. 

So what recruiting strategies can you adopt to make your business stand out to job seekers during this labor shortage?

1. Raise your hourly wage

The median hourly wage for jobs like grocery store workers and delivery drivers has increased by nearly 2%. A minimum wage won’t attract the talent pool you want. 

2. Offer a temporary pay bump

From March 21 – May 31 Starbucks had a temporary pay bump of $3 more per hour. They granted up to two hours of paid time off for those getting the vaccine, and an increase from 20 to 30 care days so that they could take care of themselves or sick family members.

3. Offer a bonus

Kroger’s grocery chain offered a one-time bonus of $400 for full-time workers and $200 for part-time workers. Indeed gives more information on bonuses and bonus programs.

4. Reach out to potential employees

When hiring externally, instead of waiting for potential employees to reach out to you, reach out to them. Searches on social media such as LinkedIn will get you to the job candidates you’re looking for. 

5. Be vocal about current issues

At this point in the pandemic, candidates want to know your opinion on current issues. Update job postings to reflect your views on their health and safety, specifying that this is a priority. Talk about your stance on social distancing, staggered shifts, face masks, etc.

6. Adopt programs to support overall health and wellness

These can include:

  • Therapy sessions
  • Meditation apps
  • Telemed services
  • Expanded paid sick leave
  • Child care assistance 

7. Offer unique perks

  • Fitness class/club membership
  • Use of company laptop
  • Membership to Spotify, Netflix, or other streaming services
  • Home Wi-Fi reimbursement 

By showing candidates your business can offer long-term stability and a promising career path, especially during this labor shortage crisis, not only will your employee retention increase, but finding workers who truly fit your open positions will be a breeze. Let Career Start help you find the perfect one.

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