Getting Optimum Performance Out of Your Temporary Associates

Temporary employer interviews.

The Experts at Career Start Tell You How.

Your secretary is going out on maternity leave. Your factory foreman needs a knee replacement. Employers cringe when their valued employees have to be out, but it’s a fact of life. We are here to give you tips on how to make the best of your temporary associates that are coming in for the next two months to be sure they stick it out till the end. 

 1. Day One – Set the Stage

Be sure a manager has personal contact with the person. Just like permanent employees, short-term employees want to know their work will be valued. 

Introductions to others on the team are essential in making the temporary associate feel comfortable. They will learn who they’ll be working with and how their work fits in with the team.

If important company policies need to be followed, be sure to discuss those. 

2. Support When Needed     

Make sure your temporary associate knows onsite support is available. This will make a huge difference in their productivity, especially if they have a job that requires approvals, or they need access to equipment. 

3. Training

Jobs require some form of on-the-job training. When the training isn’t up to par, the impact on performance or retention can literally be immediate – like the next day they don’t return.  

Train in organized chunks – not too much, not too little. A temporary associate doesn’t need the intricate ins and outs. They just need the basics on getting the job done while they’re there. Attendance issues and turnover is a frequent outcome of poor training. 

4. Treatment

Handling certain situations is critical. Be cognizant of the following:

Onboarding: The first week of an assignment determines if the temporary associate views the assignment as just a job or an opportunity to contribute. Talk briefly about their career path and what their dream job would look like.

Feedback: Temporary associates want feedback – first week, second week, whenever.

Conversion: If hiring a temporary associate is an option, let them know if there is something they can improve upon to be considered.  Use standardized company metrics to show a temp how they are performing.  

5. Never Forget “Thank You”

Recognition is important to everyone. It’s our nature to want to feel valued. Always remember to thank them for their willingness to step in your time of need.

If you need us to fill the gap for a short-term vacancy, please reach out to us here at Career Start.

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