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Finding and Hiring Good Seasonal Workers: The Unsung Heroes of the Holidays.

When people think of “seasonal workers,” they imagine teenagers and college students who flock to major retailers to help with the influx of holiday shoppers while on winter break. But the reality is, the value seasonal workers add to your industry this time of year doesn’t stop there. In fact, you can hire qualified, professional employees to help you during your busy season.

Whether you are in the manufacturing industry, the healthcare industry, the warehousing industry, or even the printing industry, your ranks may be looking a little scarce this time of year. This could be because your full-time employees are working less, or it could be because the number of full-time employees you have can’t handle the increased demands of the season.

Whatever your reason, the unsung hero to your holiday busy season may just be a seasonal worker or two or maybe even a couple hundred. We’ve compiled this list of industries that could benefit most from seasonal workers, and we’ve included tips on how to motivate these workers to do their best so your business doesn’t appear any less strong than it is.

Who’s Making the Gifts This Year? Manufacturing and Warehousing Seasonal Workers

It seems obvious, but most people don’t think about how manufacturing and warehousing industries need to ramp up their production this time of year to keep up with the economy’s increased demand for goods, just like retailers do.

Having more employees to help fulfill large orders is always a luxury, and sometimes a necessity. When you have more workers, you might also be able to extend your operating hours, using seasonal employees to take up the extra shifts.

Tip for Motivating Your Seasonal Workers #1

Give your seasonal workers access to on-the-job training opportunities, such as abbreviated apprenticeships, online training systems, and training classes. Even though they are with you for only a season, they will appreciate learning skills that they can put on their resume and transfer to their next position. Plus, training these employees as you would any other employees allows production to run smoothly and quickly, without the learning gap that occurs when you hire any new employee.

Who’s Advertising the Gifts This Year? Print Services Seasonal Workers

If you’re in this industry, you know that with increased sales and shopping comes increased demand for printed marketing collateral. In fact, you’re probably in the throes of the busiest season right now.

Seasonal workers can help you keep up with the demands of the holiday season by helping you tackle the large quantities of orders as easily as you would tackle small quantities.

Tip for Motivating Your Seasonal Workers #2

Incentivize your workers with performance bonuses. It’s likely that some of your seasonal workers are working for you to supplement their income to help cover the cost of the holidays. If you offer bonuses, no matter how small, to those who do exemplary work, your seasonal workers’ performance will surprise you. And, after all, it is the time for giving.

Who’s Keeping You Healthy This Time of Year? Per Diem Nurses

It’s the time of year where employees everywhere are using up their vacation time to spend their holidays with their families, and the healthcare field is no different!

Clearly, you can’t afford to have fewer nurses on the clock, but you also can’t afford unqualified personnel. Luckily, per diem nurses are certified and ready to be on-call when your full-time nurses take some much-deserved time off. Don’t worry, all licenses are verified through our agency.

Tip for Motivating Your Seasonal Workers #3

One of the simplest ways to motivate a seasonal worker, especially a per diem nurse, is to publicly show your appreciation for them. Recognizing your seasonal workers and publicly saying, “thank you,” is a great way to make them feel like a true member of your team and boost their morale.

Who’s Hiring the Best Seasonal Employees This Year? Career Start

When you hire a seasonal employee, be sure you don’t hire someone just because they’ll be “another pair of hands.” When you hire anyone–full-time, part-time, or seasonal–you want that person to be a valuable asset to your company, regardless of how long their contract is.

Career Start has a pool of qualified employees who are eager and ready to help you. All of our nurses have up-to-date certifications, all of our clerical workers are experienced, and all of our manufacturing workers are qualified.

We’ve already found and screened the candidates for you; you just need to tell us when you’re ready. Contact us to learn more, and start hiring today!

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