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Looking for medical professionals to fill vacant positions? Career Start can help you fill an open position quickly. Whether they be clinical or healthcare administration positions, we can help you to successfully find people for positions in need of being filled. Here are four things to keep in mind when using us to find employees:

Stay Up-To-Date

Knowing which medical fields you are waiting to fill will help us find you the best medical professional to fit the job Quickly. Not knowing which positions are available will only delay us in finding someone and filling the position. Career Start staffing agency in Rochester, NY can provide you with a variety of medical professionals for employment. Medical professionals should only apply for positions that they’re qualified and licensed for.

Industry Focus

We specialize in a variety of fields like healthcare and nursing. One of the main benefits of specializing in certain industries is that it allows for us to hone in on a select group of candidates. For healthcare and nursing.  All of our medical staff employees and candidates are NYS certified and have undergone our thorough screening and vetting process by our own medical staffing experts. Another benefit is that our healthcare professionals are available 24/7.


While the main purpose of a medical staffing agency is to find professionals to fill positions, you can advertise to fill a vacant position while utilizing the services of Career Start. There may be professionals at local hospitals or medical offices that are looking for a different position, and your posting could be the answer they’re looking for.

Maintain a Schedule

Remember that filling positions means incorporating new people into your current, already-complex shift schedule. You want to make sure to communicate with all staff and professionals about availability and changes in the shift schedule so that no one is left in the dark. Make sure that the medical staff employees understands when they are to report for work. Staff in excess can cause problems for management and can hurt productivity.  Staff in low numbers can cause inefficiency. Career Start staffing agency in Rochester, NY will work with you to make sure your new hires are productive and successful in the workplace. We manage a large pool of nurses and maintain a monthly schedule to keep our customers and employees organized. This in turn cuts costs for customers so they’re not over staffing.

Keeping these 4 things in mind will help all parties involved find success in the workplace. We can help you to fill open positions quickly and with only the best candidates.

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