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Direct Hire Staffing Services - A man in a suit looks at a laptop being held by a woman in a suitLet Career Start act as your executive recruitment agency to scout out talent for your C-level and VP-level positions, or for any upper-level position that needs to be filled.

We have access to an extensive network of candidates qualified for upper-level jobs. Our experience creating ideal candidate personas will help define the characteristics and skills that will make your hire the perfect fit for your position and company culture.

Getting started with finding an executive for your company is easy.

  • Join the Employer Network
  • Develop ideal candidate persona
  • Submit job requests
  • Scouting and pre-qualifying
  • Setting up your interviews
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Benefits of Recruiting Executives with Career Start

We Know Top Talent

Our access to a network of highly-talented individuals along with our experience developing ideal candidate personas, ensure that only the best of the best make it through our comprehensive screening process. But just as important, we make sure their personality and values are a good fit with your company culture. Because we know it’s not enough just fulfill a checklist from a job description.

Focus Solely on Qualified Candidates

The early stages of recruiting executives are a time-consuming, arduous process. By utilizing Career Start’s executive recruitment services, you can focus on high-potential candidates and avoid wasted time.

Partners in Recruitment

Career Start is with you throughout the entire process. We stay in communication to assist with negotiations and documentation. As your partner, our success is your success.

What Does the Executive Recruitment Process Look Like With Career Start?

Step 1

Join The Employer Network

Get started by submitting the form below. Tell us your business information and we will get in contact with you to start the process.

Step 2

Develop Ideal Candidate Persona

Working closely with you to understand your business and talent needs, then developing an ideal persona that we will scout out, qualify and send to you.

Step 3

Interview Candidates

We will send you qualified individuals you can interview with your team to determine fit and feasibility and assist with communications and scheduling.

Step 4

Hiring and Paperwork

Career Start will assist with the technical aspects of the final stages of the hiring process, including negotiations, paperwork, transition strategies and more.

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Are you looking for an executive position that takes advantage of your professional skills? With all the right employee benefits and wages? We can help! We liaise between you and your next employer to streamline the hiring process. Nervous about getting started? Don’t worry – we help you build a stunning resume, train for the interview, and negotiate for your salary/wages.

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