Is your company inclusive?

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Research suggests that diversity and inclusion drive employee engagement, which in turn results in a highly-rated customer experience. So, who doesn’t want a satisfied customer?

It’s all in the numbers! Here’s a snapshot of some statistics a gender-diverse, inclusive company can tout:

  • A 21% increase in profitability compared to those that aren’t inclusive. (McKinsey)
  • A 27% likelihood of creating longer-term value than those that aren’t inclusive. (McKinsey)
  • A 26% increase in team collaboration. (Gartner)
  • An 18% increase in team commitment with a 7% higher intent to stay put. (Gartner)

So, where do you start? Start at the executive level – that’s right. AT THE TOP. 

  1. Drive a diversity and inclusion vision so every employee takes ownership, in turn holding them accountable.
  2. Ensure underrepresented groups are treated with respect.
  3. Ensure equal treatment of employees in pay and opportunity and be transparent about pay.
  4. Look at your recruiting practices. Does your recruiting content, job descriptions, resume review… wreak of unconscious biases? If so, replace it with behaviors and words of inclusion and diversity. 
  5. Build gender equality into training and education, coaching, and mentoring. Managers, it’s imperative that all employees feel supported and respected.
  6. Offer work-life balance programs by providing flexible working arrangements, flextime and remote working. Some companies go as far as offering childcare!
  7. Build a positive company culture.
  8. Find out what motivates or troubles your employees, then take immediate action on feedback. This shows you’re listening.
  9. Be aware of your biases. We know it may be hard to do, as we tend to see others’ biases before our own.
  10. Acknowledge and support different views. Just because you may not agree doesn’t mean it’s not the best solution.
  11. Set metrics to see where you stand on employee retention and other diversity factors.

Take a look at what Forbes has to say about company inclusion and how companies can benefit from it. By implementing these best practices, you’ll be able to measure your progress towards diversity. Is your company gender-diverse and inclusive?

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