Career Start Meets Employees Where They Are At, Including Dual-Language Services

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A longtime partnership between Career Start and Catholic Family Center also benefits Career Start’s employer partners, including Rochester-headquartered manufacturer LiDestri Food and Drink. Career Start strives to meet applicants and employees where they are at, including having several bilingual staff members to guide Spanish-speaking applicants through the interview and hiring processes. Once they are working onsite at a partner company, Career Start remains involved to provide support and resources for dual-language employees.

Employee Training

In one recent instance, Catholic Family Center and Career Start assisted LiDestri with a three-day employee training. Career Start engaged Catholic Family Center (CFC) for the organization’s dual-language interpretation and translation services. A CFC translator worked closely with the HR team at LiDestri to co-present to more than 20 employees earlier this month. All slides shared during the presentation were in both English and Spanish.  The English-speaking presenter tailored her spoken instruction to allow for immediate, cohesive Spanish translation.

Forklifter in Rochester, NY manufacturing plant.

Career Start helps English as a second language candidates land manufacturing jobs in Rochester, NY.

CFC’s Kenneth Zablotny, manager of Language Services at Catholic Family Center, noted the success of the dual-language training was due to three things:

  1. Positive communication and cooperation between the CFC, Career Start, and LiDestri Teams

  2. Solid preparation and planning

  3. Discussion meetings each day immediately following the training sessions, to discuss what worked and perhaps what didn’t work well — to ensure success the next day and the next time around.

“LiDestri and Career Start worked hard to make the experience so much easier and also so much more effective,” Zablotny said. “The prep work was huge and the debriefing meetings were instrumental.” Career Start has been partnering with CFC to connect those needing jobs with area employers for nine years. “Ours is a unique partnership,” said Jim Morris, CFC’s vice president of Family Services, giving credit to Career Start founder Lindsay McCutchen for much of the partnership’s success.

“Lindsay is a unique person, in the sense that she is an amazing entrepreneur but also has a soft spot for the people in our community who struggle with employment, bringing a compassionate, human perspective to her work.”

Manufacturing bottle plant worker in Rochester, NY

Career Start helps employe dual language professions in Rochester, NY.

At Career Start, we believe that having a diverse workforce is crucial to the overall success of an organization.  By having people from different ethnic backgrounds work together within the same environment at all levels of employment, you are not only encouraging equal representation but additionally creating a place where employees can express their culture freely within the workplace.

For more information on partnering with Career Start to help staff your company in Rochester, NY, contact us online or call us at 585-360-2620.  If you’re a job seeker looking for open positions, visit our website and click on our job board to view current openings.

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