Dress for Success: Perfecting Your Workplace Attire

Five people that are dressed for success for their interview in Rochester, NY.

How to Dress For Your New Career

Do you go bold, relaxed, professional, or casual? Not knowing for sure how your coworkers dress for work can be the most stressful aspect leading up to your first day at a new job. You fear being underdressed, over dressed, too comfortable, or too flashy.

When you plan your work outfits, you must consider several different factors.  How formal was everyone dressed when you went in for your interview?  Were you given information regarding a dress code to adhere to?  Is there a required uniform? Did you see any trends if given a tour? Can you get away with a polished version of jeans and a tee?

Read on for some tips that will help you best dress for success in the workplace!

Whatever you wear, make sure it’s clean

Seriously.  Whether you’re just going in for an interview or it’s your first day on the job, make sure that you have showered, your clothes are clean, and you are well put together.   You will have a difficult time expressing your value if your appearance comes off as sloppy and unorganized.

Understand the workplace vibe & aesthetic

Make sure you are well aware of the overall dress code for your workplace.  If you’re unsure, ask your fellow employees!  Or, if you’ve had the opportunity to meet some of your new coworkers, take note of what kind of clothes they’re wearing. If you know your place of employment is more laid back, you are going to have more freedom when it comes to your professional wardrobe.  Maybe they do Casual Fridays and dress in a more corporate fashion for the rest of the week.  Your new workplace could also potentially require you to wear a uniform, in which case you don’t really have a choice in your attire.  Regardless, it’s important to understand these things prior to beginning your new position so you’re well-prepared and comfortable clothing wise.

Play it safe (at first)

Even if you know that you could easily walk into your workplace wearing a head-to-toe tracksuit, it’s best not to test out your most daring fashion choices right away.  Stick to the philosophy of trying to mimic the style of your coworkers for the first few weeks.  Until you get a better understanding of what you should be wearing, copy the style of those around you.

Accessorize, but don’t go crazy

This is particularly true if you’re going in for an interview.  The last thing you want to happen is for the person interviewing you to be distracted by your appearance.  Keep it pretty simple when it comes to accessories and jewelry.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t wear them at all, but make sure they complement your outfit in a way that’s not distracting or detrimental to your overall look.

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