Direct-Placement Staffing

Benefit from the best talent and shorten the process

Direct Placement Staffing - A nurse in scrubs wearing a stethoscope around her neck, standing in front of medical equipment.Direct-placement staffing is used when a specific position needs to be filled, but you prefer to not tie up you own resources with the interview process.

Career Start already has your new employee among our extensive pool of candidates, vetted and pre-screened. Only the best candidates who have undergone our comprehensive interview process will be passed on to you.

Getting started bringing in contract-to-hire workers with Career Start is easy.

  • Join Our Employer Network
  • Submit job requests
  • Meet only the top percentile of candidates
  • Hire with confidence
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Benefits of Direct-Placement Staffing with Career Start

Save Time and Focus on Quality Talent

We take the time to sift through thousands of applications, so you don’t have to. We decide who makes the cut so by the time you're ready to interview, you know the candidates we send have already met your qualifications.

Hire with Confidence

Only the most qualified candidates make it through our screening and vetting process, performed by our team of personnel experts. You can hire with confidence.

Onboarding and Training Services

We offer onboarding and training sessions for new employees, freeing up your team and saving time.

We can also act as the point of contact for most frequently-asked HR and payroll questions.

How Does The Contract and Temporary Staffing Services Process Look Like With Career Start?

Step 1

Join the Employer Network

To join, complete the form below. We’ll schedule a meeting to learn about your business and your staffing needs and then we’ll determine how we can help you.

Step 2

Submit Employment Requests

Once you’re in our network, you can submit employment requests at any time. Post job descriptions and other qualifiers that can help us evaluate your needs, so we can find the most qualified candidates for you.

Step 3

Interview Qualified Candidates

The top candidates will then be sent to you to interview and conduct your own evaluation before making a selection for the contract period.

Step 4

Trial, then hire or release

See how your contract worker performs in your company setting and make the decision yourself at the end of the contract: hire them or release them. No worries. No hassle.

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