Contract to Hire Placements

Contract to Hire Placements

Contract-to-Hire Placements - Two women shaking handsContract-to-hire placements are used when you want to try out a new employee now and decide later whether they’ll become a permanent part of your organization. Contracts of any length can be used to best determine if a staff member is a good fit. You can also use this service to determine whether a newly-created position is of value to your business.

We have access to thousands of qualified candidates—talented in their respective fields and industries—who have all been interviewed and prescreened by us. For you.
Career Start assumes HR responsibilities during the entire contract period, leaving you and your staff to perform more profitable duties.

Getting started is easy.

  • Join Our Employer Network
  • Submit job requests
  • Interview qualified candidates
  • Trial, then keep or release
Get Started with Contract To Hire

Benefits of Hiring Contract to Hire Workers with Career Start

Quality Talent

Before anyone comes through your door, you’ll know they’re vetted, screened and qualified so you get to choose only from top candidates.

Reduce Cost

Career Start takes care of HR duties during the contract period, freeing you from HR liabilities and payroll expenses.

No Pressure

You determine the contract length and whether to hire or release. It’s all up to you.

Our Contract to Hire Process

Step 1

Join the Employer Network

To join, complete the form below. We’ll schedule a meeting to learn about your business and your staffing needs and then we’ll determine if we’re the right fit for each other.

Step 2

Submit Employment Requests

Once you’re in our network, you can submit employment requests at any time. Post job descriptions and other qualifiers that can help us evaluate your needs, so we can find the most qualified candidates for you.

Step 3

Interview Qualified Candidates

The top candidates will then be sent to you to interview and conduct your own evaluation before making a selection for the contract period. Our candidates have all been tested to ensure they can fulfill the functions of the position you need to fill.

Step 4

Trial, then hire or release

See how your contract worker performs in your company setting and make the decision yourself at the end of the contract: hire them or release them. No worries. No hassle.

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