Climbing the Ladder with Lindsay Kehm

Headshot of Lindsay Kehm a Career Start Employee - Climbing the Ladder

Meet Lindsay. She started with Career Start seven years ago when the company had just four employees. Launching her career as the front desk receptionist, she didn’t have much knowledge in career recruiting. But while in this position, Lindsay focused on learning as much as she could about the company. 


Because she was laser-focused on learning the ins and outs of recruitment, she moved into a Recruiter Assistant position where she learned General Staffing Recruitment. After about 3 years of working as a Recruiter in General Staffing Lindsay was promoted to a Sr. Lead Recruiter. Lindsay then shifted her efforts at Career Start and helped launch the Medical Staffing Branch. A short year later Lindsay was promoted again to a Senior Lead Recruiter where she was responsible for leading the medical staff and oversight of large volume accounts.   Because of Lindsay’s assertiveness and drive, she was offered and accepted the role of managing the Rochester Recruitment Division. That’s right. She went from front desk receptionist to leading Sales and Service for the Rochester location


We interviewed Lindsay to find out what she had to say about her successful journey.


Lindsay, were you focused from the beginning on getting to your current role?

Overly-focused. I was part of Career Start’s rapid evolution. As I continued to grow, my expertise, knowledge, and perfection was evident. It started to become natural for employees to come to me with questions and guidance.


Did you devise a plan to reach it?

Staying organized and abreast was my key to success.


Did you take any online or professional courses?

I am currently enrolled in an Advanced Leadership Development course.


Did you collaborate with others in a similar role to learn the skills needed?

Yes, someone close to me who has a lifetime of HR knowledge and several members of the CS family.


What did you do to stand out to management?

My loyalty, dedication, and drive. I live and stand by the Career Start values.


Did you take any risks along the way?

The biggest risk was moving into the medical field after being able to recruit on the general side with my eyes closed. I can be very peculiar with change but at the end it usually works itself out. 


You mentioned working smarter, not harder to get where you are. Could you tell us how you did that?

 I find huge value in lean processes. I have been known to put the pieces together efficiently, stick to process and determine best practices. You must think outside the box and use all resources. A strategy must be set in place before you dive into something. We are operating at such a fast pace, there is no time to waste.


So, key tips to take away:

  • Soak up as much knowledge as you can – learn, learn, learn.
  • Stay focused.
  • Stay organized and keep on top of your environment by staying educated in your field.
  • Network with others. Learn from leaders in your field.
  • Show loyalty and dedication to the mission and vision of the company.
  • Believe in yourself and take risks. It’s the only way you’ll gain confidence and be able to prove yourself to others.
  • Watch for ways to streamline processes.


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