Career Start Makes Rochester’s Top 100 List for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Rochester Chamber of Commerce Top 100

The Rochester Chamber of Commerce has released their Top 100 List to celebrate locally owned businesses.  For the fifth year in a row, Career Start is proud to announce that, yet again, we have been included on this list as a top staffing agency!  We are thrilled to be featured amongst so many of our neighbors within the community.  It is one of our primary goals to continue to stand out and truly make an impact within Rochester.

To be eligible for the Rochester Chamber Top 100 program, companies must be: privately owned, headquartered in the nine-county Rochester region, and have earned at least $1 million in revenue over the past three years.

We are beyond proud of our entire team for what we have been able to accomplish this past year, especially considering the unprecedented circumstances we have all experienced.  We want to thank all of our employees and community members for continuing to help us shine within the Rochester community.  Career Start is proud to be one of the top staffing agencies in Western New York and help connect people to meaningful employment.  Onward and upward.

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Why is Career Start Different?

We successfully partner with businesses, job candidates, and community agencies to become a leading community resource for flexible workforce management.

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