Four Reasons You Should Use A Staffing Company

Staffing Agency in Rochester, NY

Staffing companies play a crucial role in helping employers source qualified candidates. Not only do they give back valuable time to internal HR, but they have a robust pool of ready talent available. If you need new hires for your workplace, here are four reasons to consider using a staffing agency in Rochester, NY.

1. They Already Have A Robust Pool Of Candidates To Choose From

Part of being a strong recruiter is the ability to connect with a lot of people and form deep networks. Need someone and need them fast? Your internal HR department will put out a job posting and hope that the right candidate applies quickly. But a staffing company can have a qualified candidate ready for the job in just a few hours. Above all, some staffing companies can even guarantee an entire qualified workforce in a matter of hours if that’s what you need.

HR managers have a need for new employees only once in a while, meaning they don’t come in contact with potential or qualified contacts all that often. On the other hand, staffing agencies are constantly in contact with a large pool of candidates because their staffing needs are continuous. Therefore, a staffing company can have a few to a few hundred applicants to choose from.

An HR manager can spend tens of hours putting out a posting for a receptionist, sorting through resumes, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, and checking references. A staffing company can reach into their database and quickly choose a candidate that is well qualified for the role.

2. Try Before You Buy

Let’s face it – finding the right candidate is hard. Not only do they have to have the right experience and background, but other personal factors will make an impact on how well they fit the position. With staffing companies who source temporary workers, organizations can test out a candidate before making a final and legal decision, reducing risk and decreasing cost for the employer. Temporary employees contracted through a staffing agency are the legal employee of the staffing company. That means the employer reduces their liability for workers compensation claims, taxes and insurances while the temporary associate is working. They also decrease their exposure for unemployment claims should they choose not to hire or terminate the individual.

3. Allow You To Focus On Your Core Competencies

Not only is the hiring process expensive, but the longer a position remains empty, the more expensive it gets too. Production from the empty seat is likely down and the HR manager has to spend their valuable time away from other important duties. Hiring a staffing agency allows an organization to put all their effort on their core competencies and allows a staffing agency to step in and help fill empty positions.

4. Can Support The Cyclical Nature Of Business Or People Going On Leave

Temporary employees allow businesses to use staff as needed, eliminating contracts and commitment. Staffing companies can easily cover employees on vacation or maternity leave with their deep network of qualified candidates. The business then has the flexibility to use the employee as needed, whether that be a single day or a few months.

Think about the time and resources it takes to bring a single employee onto your payroll. Now imagine having to allot that time and those resources to hire an entire workforce every single year. Does your businesses rely on seasonal workers or that are cyclical in nature? We can save you from hiring an entire workforce that will only be used for a short time.

If these aren’t enough reasons, take a look at what LinkedIn has to say about hiring a staffing agency

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