5 Unique Recruiting Ideas to Incorporate For Your Business

How to Attract Future Employees

Captivating new prospective employees is a critical way to differentiate yourself from competitors.  How you present your business as an employer through the lens of a recruiting agency makes a difference. The opportunities your company offers can affect your ability to attract top talent! The number and type of people you encourage to apply relies on the WIIFM mindset – What’s In It For Me.  In other words, it’s important to sound as appealing as possible to connect and engage with candidates.  Similarly, you should highlight the major benefits of the positions you are offering and the company itself.

Consider these five recruiting strategies when looking for new employees:

Develop a talent network

Your candidates are most likely researching your company beforehand, along with others in the market.  Make the application process easier for them. For instance, create a virtual place to hang out before making the decision deciding to apply.

Create an employee referral program. 

Even in 2020, word of mouth is an extremely effective form of advertising for your business.  Your current employees can be your best advocates. They’re more likely to reach out to potential candidates if they receive some type of incentive.  Even temporary employees can benefit from this.

Be active on social media.  

Connect with your future employees and followers. This can be done by posting different hiring events on your social media platforms.  This will also give you a better idea of where and when your followers will most likely be able to engage with you.

Consider a collaborative hiring method. 

Including some of your star employees in an interview with potential candidates could be beneficial to all parties involved.  When it comes time to offer a job to a candidate, establish relationships during the interview process. This will ease the new employee during their transition.

Utilize your technology strategically. 

On the Career Start application portal, you have access to a multitude of candidates who have shared their information with you.  That is to say, stay connected with those who have expressed interest and have been actively engaged.

Career Start understands that as a recruiter, you’re looking for the best way to seem genuine, and attract the best possible candidates for your company.  Follow these tips in order to maximize the number of qualified potential employees that are headed your way during their job search in Rochester, NY.

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