4 Tips for Working With a Staffing Agency

4 Tips For Working With A Staffing Agency - People eating and watching a presentation

You’ve got a meeting scheduled with a recruiter, now what?  Our staffing agency in Rochester, NY is here to help you be successful.  Here are 4 tips that you should know in order to make sure your meeting goes smoothly.

1. Come Prepared. Really Prepared

When you come to meet with a staffing agency in Rochester, NY you’ll want to be readily prepared. One should always research the staffing agency and understand what types of positions they work on and what types of openings they have. This will help prepare you for your first impression before meeting with recruiters.

Recruiters meet many new people during the day, so being prepared with the following things can help you to make a good impression.

  • Professional References – having a list of your professional references with contact information will help recruiters reach out to former employers to learn more about you. Remember to let your references know that the agency may be contacting them.
  • Be honest – You will want to be ready to discuss each job that you’ve had, why you left it, and what you did between gaps in your employment. Being honest in your answers can be beneficial… explaining that you needed a break can help you to show that you’re human.
  • Documentation – After your interview, recruiters will ask for your driver’s license and relevant documentation to fill out an I-9 form. Having these items with you will help to streamline the process for you and recruiters.

2. Be Clear on Your Expectations

The more transparent you are, the better recruiters will be able to work with you. The more availability you have to be flexible will open the door to more job opportunities like pay rate, industry, and location. If you’re too broad and keep refusing jobs, you will get less and less calls from your agency.

3. Be Ready to Work

Every minute of the day, staffing agencies in Rochester, NY are getting new jobs across their desks. Being ready to answer your phone and email for job opportunities will help you to land your next gig.

4. Don’t Rely On Just Your Staffing Agency

Just because you’re working with a staffing agency in Rochester, NY does not mean they are your personal job source. Career Start is one of many staffing agencies, and our job is to find the right person, not just fill the position. Ask your recruiter how often you should call to check up on the status of the job you are interviewing for. Recruiters should also act as a job coach. They should be able to help you with resume writing and formatting as well as interview prep.

With these tips in mind, you can be ready for your meeting at a staffing agency in Rochester, NY. Being prepared and clear with what you are looking for can help recruiters find the best fit for you.

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