3 Reasons to Start Your Job Hunt Now

Lindsay McCutchen speaks to Channel 8 News in Rochester, NY.

As a top employment agency in Rochester, NY, we are here to guide you.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the United States government added an additional $600 each week to the mass amount of people who applied for unemployment.  At the end of this month, those extra benefits potentially will come to an end, thus causing a massive influx of people applying for jobs.

Don’t be discouraged! Despite the state of our economy in general, there are still plenty of job openings available. The sooner you begin your job search, the more likely you are to beat the competition.  It’s important to begin planning for this now so that you can stand out and increase your likelihood of getting hired by an ideal employer.

Think of this process as a fresh start, a new chance for a career change full of opportunities.  The team at Career Start is here to help you through this every step of the way.  As a top employment agency in Rochester, NY, we can guide you through everything. Read on for three reasons to begin your job search right now:

  1. Beat the crowd:

If the unemployment benefits go away on July 31, those who waited until early August to look for a job will find themselves in a large pool of job seekers. Get started now — ahead of masses!

  1. Show you are a go-getter:

If you start now, it will be evident to those hiring that you were ready to find a new career and position, even while you still had unemployment benefits. Human Resource representatives know there may be a gap in your resume due to the pandemic. By applying now, they are considering the types of people they want to steer away from; those who opted to stay home and collect unemployment rather than look for a new job until they were forced to. This is a sign to HR that you are not a go-getter. 

  1. There are jobs — lots of jobs!

The team at Career Start used to make 20 calls to fill a shift or certain position. They now make an average of 120 calls for the same positions! The reason is people are not eager to go back to work when they are making an additional $600 in unemployment benefits. There ARE positions available NOW – in manufacturing, hospitality, administration, and healthcare, plus other fields. In fact, you could interview with us at Career Start today, and start working tomorrow. 

Career Start is an employment agency in Rochester, NY that is fully capable of placing you within a new career that is right for you.  Whatever the industry may be, the level of positions you will be applying for or where you are in the application process, the experts at Career Start are ready to help.  Need to polish up and update your resume?  We got you.  Not sure what companies in Rochester would best fit your capabilities and experience? We can lead you in the right direction.  Our effective strategies have helped place thousands of candidates into positions in the Rochester area over the years.  Let’s chat about your future — contact us online or call us today at 585-360-2620.

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