2022 Forecasted Workplace Issues and Solutions

HR professionals weight in on forecasted workplace issues and solutions

Human Resource Leaders Weigh In

2022 will continue to bring issues into the workplace. Read on for solutions given by some HR professionals.

Turnover rates will continue to climb

Issue: According to a survey done by MindEdge, turnover rates will continue to be higher than before the pandemic.

Solution: The remote and online hiring process is as effective as in-person so that’s good news. If you involve team members in the hiring process, it could increase the chances of acquiring the best person for the job, thereby potentially avoiding turnover. 

Job openings will still be plentiful

Issue: Talent acquisition will still be a problem with nearly 50% of small businesses having unfilled  openings according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Solution: Consider hiring military veterans. They bring many talents that are sometimes difficult to find. There are organizations throughout the country that will help find, recruit and even train them. 

Candidates with criminal records are another emerging group to consider. Excluding this group, the U.S. is omitting 77 million Americans from even being considered.

Vaccination mandates will continue to divide employees

Issue: In a study done by Qualtrics, discussions about vaccinations have caused a lot of distrust and contention among workers and between leaders and employees. 

Solution: Managers and HR leaders should focus on team building activities and conflict resolution classes to keep the office morale up.

Office issues will prevail as remote work continues

Issue: Back in October, Facebook experienced a massive outage when they reported that 75% of their employees were working remotely. Why? Many of the employees that were in the office were locked out of systems. Skeleton in-office crews will continue to have these issues and scramble to follow processes and protocol with fewer hands on deck. 

Solution: NOW is the time to get remote workers and IT aligned. 80% of IT issues go unreported so a small issue may become an all-out crisis before IT is even aware. Keep devices, networks, and applications robust and prepared for any issues that may arise. Publish a contact list of employees who have access to systems and passwords

Isolation issues will remain

Issue: Most experts agree that remote and hybrid work will trend through 2022, presenting the issue of engaging employees who may feel isolated. Collaboration is less effective without daily interaction. Without face-to-face dealings with their superiors, employees may not get the positive reinforcement they need.

Solution: Managers need to understand the importance of appreciation in combating employee isolation when working from home. It can be compensation, development opportunities, and team recognition. Without appreciation, the foundation of the company culture may weaken.

Safety and health concerns will continue

Issue: Whether employees work in-office or remote in 2022, health and safety should still remain a top priority.

Solution: With federal vaccination mandates undetermined, managers can help keep workers safe by mandating COVID testing and vaccination tracking. They may want to continue onsite health and safety protocols such as masking to accommodate those that might feel uncomfortable working in the office.

Mental health issues remain

Issue: Nearly half the U.S. workforce is battling some type of mental health issue resulting in high turnover rate and high absenteeism. 

90% of employees were more stressed due to COVID-19

30% of employees need mental health treatment

32% of employees have taken sick days due to pandemic-related stress

29% of employees said they were either not productive or less productive during COVID

Solution: Mental well-being benefits should be considered. Give employees access to tools such as subscriptions to meditation apps, memberships to yoga centers, or passes to well-being webinars.

2022 will likely be another challenging year for everyone. On the bright side, we have faced COVID issues head-on and we’re ready for whatever comes our way. Career Start is your partner and here to help you get through these challenges.

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