Employee Services

Career Start makes it easy to get started.

Our team of professionals works directly with leading employers to find employment opportunities for candidates eager to find meaningful employment. Certainly many large companies partner with us, but we also have dozens of smaller firms that are constantly looking to grow their business. They know that we can provide them with just the kind of talented, motivated people they need.

  • Apply for Jobs
  • View Job Openings (coming soon)
  • Access Employee Portal (coming soon)

Please note that certain qualifications may be required to become eligible for these positions and completing an application does not necessarily mean you would be contacted for immediate or future job opportunities.

We believe in delivering better service by enhancing communication and offering greater convenience. Once you are registered as a user, our employee portal offers you a wide range of information services, including:

  • Message Board
  • Update personal information
  • View assignment details
  • Document tracking
  • View pay history
  • Print instant pay stubs
  • Time entry
  • Print and reprint W2s
  • Accrual
  • Electronic documents
  • Automated email notifications

Please feel free to call us at (585) 360-2620 if you’re experiencing any difficulties navigating through our system.